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19th November 2021

Funded // Sensory Room

On Thursday 18 November, Brighter Lives funded $26,000 for a sensory room in the Secure Unit Medical Ward 5.

The sensory room will be used for patients with delirium and dementia.

Patricia Mallard, NUM medical ward 5, said this room allows patients to experience a calming environment in a safe area.

"We look after lots of patients with delirium and dementia, and when these patients are very agitated, aggressive, or very depressed, this room can help them to calm down.

"This funding is a great opportunity for us to provide the best quality care that we can give to them and continue to be the leading unit and good hub for patients with dementia," said Patricia.

This room refurbishment was only made possible thanks to our local community of supporters and donors.

Brighter Lives Townsville Hospital Foundation is 100% local, with funds raised supporting the Townsville Hospital and Health Services.

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