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12th May 2022

Lollipops - A sweet treat for our young patients

Coming to the hospital can be quite daunting for young patients but if they are visiting our paediatric outreach ward they are in for a treat.

To promote positive experiences and reduce trauma in our youngest patients, the staff in the paediatric outreach ward asked Brighter Lives for lollipops in hopes of turning a daunting experience into something sweeter.

Clinical Nurse, Kristie Walker wanted to start bravery awards for young patients and their families going through procedures.

“The lollipops are a small but very important part of the process that occurs within the multidisciplinary team to promote positive experiences and lifelong engagement with the health service,” said Kristie.

Paediatric outreach provides care for children recently in the hospital and those in the community with chronic health conditions.

“With each child, there is thought and preparation that goes into delivering their health care. We consider the individual child’s age, development and coping styles to promote positive interventions and prevent medically induced trauma.

Kristie said she is grateful for the ability to show children positive experiences while visiting.

“This is particularly important for children with chronic health conditions, such as Rheumatic Heart Disease, or children with wounds who require regular invasive procedures.”

Brighter Lives CEO, Tanya Busoli said this small gesture can create a positive memory.

“Children may be having a less than enjoyable experience while they’re here. Getting a lollipop afterwards helps to end their appointment on a happy note,” said Tanya.

Funded by four students, Anjali (14), Asha (15), Dylan (16), and Eleanor (14), from Townsville Grammar School shaved their long lustrous hair to raise money for children in hospital in November 2021.

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