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17th March 2022

Cutting edge technology for vascular screening

Thanks to your donations, the world’s fastest vascular screening equipment will be helping patients at the Townsville University Hospital’s Allied Health Unit.

This equipment allows quick and easy measurement of blood flow to the arm, ankle, and toe simultaneously and quickly for patients with diabetes, chronic kidney disease, metabolic syndrome, or other conditions who may have obstacles in their veins preventing blood flow.

Patients can now be diagnosed with blockages in their veins earlier and quicker; helping staff catch problems before they become more serious.

Christine Hobbs, Senior Podiatrist, Allied Health Services Division said the current process requires different departments to assist with patient care.

“Currently the process requires booking a separate appointment with surgical investigations and for the patient to lay in a fully flat position for at least 20 min,” Christine said.

Christine said this equipment allows simultaneous measurements of multiple sites and can be taken immediately.

“With this piece of equipment, it’s all wireless and we can do it within 5 minutes, which enables more patients to access high-level care. And in our current global climate, it also allows our staff to be semi-contact by just using the cuffs to attach to the patients.

“We are so excited being able to use this on our patients. It is non-invasive, and all blood pressure positions are done simultaneously on pressure points,” said Christine.

Training staff is also quick and simple and allows bedside training and Allied Health Services are the first to trial the new equipment in Townsville University Hospital.

“Training can be bedside and it’s all colour coded, the iPad provides tracking of the patients progress overall visits with ongoing updates and mobile secure patient information.

“Thanks to our community and Brighter Lives for funding this equipment for our department,” said Christine.

Pictured below: Sue Doherty Occupational Therapist, Christine Hobbs Senior Podiatrist, and student Sophie Kim.
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