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1st November 2021

Position - Marketing and Engagement Coordinator

We are looking for a Marketing and Engagement Coordinator 

With our amazing team of volunteers, our cuddly mascot Bandi Bear and exciting fundraising events we are working hard to brighten the lives of patients, visitors and staff across our health services.

We are seeking someone passionate about the work we do, to join our team. 

Qualifications & experience

  • This is an entry-level position, university graduate, or nearly completed. 
  • Studied or currently studying marketing, sales, fundraising or similar?
  • Experience implementing communication strategies aimed at different target markets.
  • Experience working or volunteering in a charity or not-for-profit organisation is preferred.

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Work with the team to develop and implement campaigns for different target audiences.
  • Develop and distribute campaign materials on time and accurately.
  • Use data to evaluate the effectiveness of messages and channels.
  • Maintain a communication schedule with the coordinator and track work-in-progress.
  • Coordinate or assist to coordinate events - for some events you will be the key contact for participants.
  • Ensure the database is up-to-date.
  • Support fundraising campaigns from implementation to evaluation and celebration. You'll use your strong interpersonal skills to support our fundraisers.
  • Work with local businesses to introduce and grow a new program.


  • Entry-level position 
  • Option to access salary sacrifice benefits.
  • Twelve-month, full-time contract.
  • Working within the hospital. 

Want more information and apply please click here 

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