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6th July 2023

Special visit brightens kids’ day

Rolling up in one of their iconic fire trucks, a surprise visit from Fire and Rescue Service firefighters helped lift the spirits of patients at Townsville University Hospital’s paediatric wards.

The young patients were able to have an up-close and personal encounter with the impressive machine that helps fight fires around North Queensland. The kids had the chance to try on firefighting gear, flick the sirens and lights, and even spray a fire hose.

The team also met with kids in the paediatric and paediatric oncology wards who couldn’t come outside to see the truck, handing out toys and colouring packs.

The timing coincided with Burns Month, an initiative aimed at increasing awareness around burns prevention and correct first aid treatment for burns.

The visit also provides Queensland Fire and Emergency Services with the opportunity to raise awareness of fire safety and educate children and their families about the vital work they do within our community.

You can help kids with burns

Unfortunately, around 200 children are treated for burns at THHS every year.

To support kids with burns, Brighter Lives is on a mission to raise $173,000 for a new laser for the burns unit at Townsville University Hospital.

Children who experience a burn may require many months of treatment and result in scarring, discolouration and itching. As children grow, the treatments need to continue.

A dual-band, solid-state laser is particularly effective in reducing scarring, discolouration, itching and pain, and it's a better alternative to traditional surgery for many patients.

With a cost of $173,000 we are seeking support from our community - can you help to brighten the lives of children with burns injuries by donating towards this important equipment?

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