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28th May 2024

Beautiful outdoor courtyard for patients with cancer

Generous community donations have helped Brighter Lives fund the refurbishment of an isolation courtyard for cancer patients at Townsville University Hospital.

The courtyard is used by patients who require isolation for up to weeks at a time during their treatment, giving them a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy or simply view if they are not well enough to use it.

The refurbishment of the courtyard includes new flooring, a shade cover, plants, and furniture, costing $54,000. 

“Thanks to the incredible generosity of locals, we now have a refreshed outdoor space for patients who are having treatment for cancer,” Alicia Fowles, Chair of Brighter Lives board said. “Fresh air and enjoying the outdoors is something that everyone loves, and it is wonderful that patients in isolation can also enjoy this now too.”

The refreshed courtyard is a result of generous donations from the North Queensland community our Giving Day last year.

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