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Gifts in kind

Gifts in Kind

Thank you for thinking of our local hospitals and health services for your donation of goods.

As you can imagine, we do have some limitations on what we can accept due to reasons including infection control, storage space, and more. Please read the guidelines below before making a gift-in-kind donation.

Please note that, except for books, CDs and DVDs, we can only accept new and unused items.

Gift guidelines

Activities Read More

New activity books, colouring-in books and colouring pencils, and stickers are always welcome.

Artwork Read More

We can only accept artwork for fundraising purposes which occur occasionally. We don't accept artwork on behalf of Townsville Hospital and Health Service. 

Balloons Read More

We can’t accept balloons.

Beanies Read More

We accept beanies however thanks to our very generous local craftspeople we currently have more than we can use in the next year.

Books Read More

We accept small quantities of second-hand books year-round to be sold at our gift shop at Townsville University Hospital. Please ensure the books are in good condition to be sold before donating. 

Closer to our annual Townsville Book Fair, we accept larger quantities of good condition books. We very much appreciate the donation of these books for our book fair, but we are unable to store larger quantities of books due to storage constraints. If the books have been in storage, please check inside boxes before dropping them to us.

Clothes Read More

We are very happy to accept new clothes to be included in care packs for people who arrive at the hospital unexpectedly, with no personal items. We need t-shirts, shorts, skirts, pyjamas, underwear, shoes (thongs) for all ages, including adult sizes. For clothing with waistbands, elasticized is preferred.

General Read More

Please don’t give items that are political, religious or controversial.

Knitted items Read More

We accept knitted blankets, bedsocks and toys. These are either distributed to wards or sold in the Brighter Lives gift shop. Please note we currently have an overstock of beanies so would prefer other items if possible.

Memorabilia Read More

We are very happy to accept memorabilia for use in fundraising activities (though we can’t accept memorabilia for display at health facilities).

Toiletries Read More

We are very happy to accept toiletries to be included in care packs for people who arrive at the hospital unexpectedly, with no personal items. Toiletries must be in original packaging and unopened. We need items such as toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo and conditioner, brush, comb, body wash, deodorant.

Toys Read More

We are very happy to accept new toys, but we cannot accept used toys under any circumstance. Please note:

  • Toys with button batteries cannot be accepted.
  • Toys must be free of sharp protrusions or points that might cause injury.
  • Toys for very young children and toddlers must be free of buttons, pins or other small objects.
  • Toy guns or weapons cannot be accepted.
  • Toys with toxic substances (e.g. glow sticks) cannot be accepted.
  • Please don’t gift wrap items.
  • Toys that children can play with straight away and in a confined space are best – please avoid outside toys, pool toys, skateboards, scooters, bikes and very large toys.
  • Presents for babies and toddlers need to be cleaned easily.
  • Ideas for teenagers include vouchers for shops or online purchases of music or games; stationery, caps, hair accessories or board games.

Where do I drop off or send my donation?

In person:

Donations can be dropped off to the Brighter Lives gift shop, ground floor at Townsville University Hospital between 8am and 4pm Monday-Friday. If you need assistance or a trolley, please call us on (07) 4433 1337 to let us know when you are coming.

By post:

Brighter Lives
PO Box 670 IMB 84, Townsville, QLD 4810