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Writing a will is an important way to make sure that your wishes are carried out beyond your lifetime. You can make sure that your loved ones are taken care of, and you may also choose to support a cause that is important to you.

Brighter Lives has partnered with Gathered Here, to provide a 100% free will-writing service. It only takes about ten minutes and is one thing you can tick off your 'life' admin. 

What's the catch? There isn't one. The online will platform is designed to make charitable giving as easy as possible. You don't have to donate anything to us to use the service, but we are hoping you consider leaving something behind as your legacy. 

Click the link below to write your will today:

Online will writing

Why should you have a will?

Everyone should have a will, no matter how much they own or how simple they think dividing their estate will be. 

Having a will isn’t just about giving your money and possessions to the people (or charities) you care most about. It also makes things much easier for your loved ones when you die. 

There’s a surprising amount of admin involved when someone dies, which can be stressful and confusing for grieving families. Having an up-to-date will clear some of that confusion.

Who should get an online will?

Online wills are best for people in relatively straightforward situations.

It may be better to consider seeking expert estate-planning advice if any of these apply to you.

  • You have an extensive estate
  • You have a family trust
  • You own a business
  • You have a self-managed super fund
  • You have overseas assets
  • Your wishes are complex
  • You have a dependent adult child
  • You have a blended family
  • You believe there may be a high chance your will is contested

How does an online will work?

You fill out a questionnaire with information about yourself, your assets and what you would like to happen after you die. You also nominate someone (or multiple people) you trust to carry out your wishes. It takes about 10 minutes all up.

The website will take that information and create a will for you. Then, you have to download the will and print and sign it in front of two witnesses who also have to sign the will. These witnesses cannot be mentioned in the will.

Are online wills legal?

When completed properly, online wills are legal. If you’re using Gathered Here to write your online will, just follow the instructions carefully and fill in the sections to reflect your wishes.

Once you’re done, print your will and sign it in front of two independent people. That means they can’t be included in the will, and neither can their children, dependents, or spouses. These people are known as witnesses – they’ll also have to sign it. This is called ‘executing’ the will.

When completed and executed properly, you have a legal will. Write it with Gathered Here, and it’s even free.

💡Tip: It’s best if everyone signs the will with the same pen, so there can be no doubt that it was signed without everyone present.

Benefits of an online will

  • Fast - takes less than 10 minutes
  • Free - absolutely no cost
  • Easy - simply print and sign

 An online won’t require a visit to a solicitor’s office. This makes the task much easier for people in rural communities, people who find it difficult to leave their home, or people who are just plain busy.

An online will can be completed in a matter of minutes. That job you’ve been putting off for months. You can get it done on your lunch break with time to spare

Online wills are much easier to amend compared to solicitor-drafted wills. Gathered Here offers free updates to online wills for life, so no matter how many times you change your mind, you can adjust your will for free.

I am ready to complete my online will what do I need to do now?

Click here and follow the instructions provided and you'll have a legal will.

Preparing your details

You will need to provide the following details

  • DOB
  • Address
  • Marital status
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Executors
  • Estate
  • Gifts
  • Funeral wishes

What if my circumstances change?

Changes happen in life so a good practice is to keep your Will safe and review it every five years. You can then make any necessary changes.


Can I talk to someone?

Yes, we understand that leaving a gift in your Will is a very personal choice and you don’t need to tell us about it. However, if you choose to let us know we’d love to talk to you about your wishes and acknowledge your generosity.  Please call our office on (07) 4433 1337,  email [email protected] or use the Contact Form to set up a confidential discussion.


Will Terms

A person or people who inherit gifts or your estate, when you pass away. You get to choose your beneficiaries, with people most often choosing loved ones who mean a lot to them.

The next beneficiary should your first one not be alive 

Includes biological or adopted children but does not include foster children or stepchildren

Means accounts, assets, cryptocurrency, software and media licenses, data, and documents and content stored in any electronic form or device.

Means all property and possessions owned by you including both real and personal property

Means the remainder or residue of your Estate after specific gifts, debts, duties, taxes, funeral expenses, testamentary expenses, and any other expenses associated.

Write your will now


Thank you for considering leaving something to Brighter Lives in your will. 

What is a bequest/gift in will?

Bequests are the fastest-growing source of philanthropic support in the world today. As people live longer and their children also become independently wealthy, more and more people are supporting their favourite charities by leaving something by way of a bequest.

A bequest or a Gift in Will is a legacy that you leave to a cause or causes close to your heart. This could be a percentage of your estate, a fixed sum of money, property, or shares. Making this commitment will ensure that your beliefs and values live on.

What impact will a gift in my will make to Brighter Lives?

As the official charity of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service, Brighter Lives contributes to equipment, training, research and facilities across our region’s public health services.

By leaving a gift in your Will you can help to ensure that funds are here to help, when help is needed.

We believe local money should stay local. Because all of us benefit – whether individually, or through the experiences of family and friends. It’s a belief shared by our community, our generous donors and our wonderful volunteers. You can be assured that your gift will stay local, as intended.

What kind of gifts can I leave in my will?

There are many kinds of gifts that you can leave, including: 


  • A specific amount of money or a specific item.
  • A percentage of your estate.
  • The residual – or remaining – value of your estate after specific gifts are allocated.
  • A percentage of the residual value of your estate after specific gifts are allocated.


All gifts, no matter their size, make a big difference. For full information on how to leave a gift please contact us on 07 4433 1337 or [email protected]


What wording should I use?

In this example, you may wish to allocate your gift to a specific facility, town or health issue.

I give and bequeath to Townsville Hospital Foundation ABN 81 763 914 979 (description of gift) being for (purpose). A receipt by an officer of Townsville Hospital Foundation shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustees.

Optional extra text – you may also wish to include information about why you are giving this gift, in order to ensure your wishes are clear.

In this example, you may wish to allocate a general gift

 I give and bequeath to Townsville Hospital Foundation OR Brighter Lives Here For You Here For NQ, ABN 81 763 914 979, (description of gift). A receipt by an appropriate Officer of Townsville Hospital Foundation shall be full and sufficient discharge to my trustees.

Do I need to notify you if I have left you a gift in my will?

If you have done that for the Brighter Lives Foundation … please… let us know. We would like to be able to discuss with you how you would like us to use the gift and… most importantly… we want to say to thank you! 

Should I discuss my gift in my will with my loved ones?

Sharing your decision with your loved ones lets them know why helping Brighter Lives is important to you. It’s something that you and your family can be proud of together.

What if I already have a will?

If you already have a will, you don’t necessarily need to start from the beginning to include a gift to Brighter Lives. Instead, you could include a codicil – an extra clause that is added to your existing will. You will need to have your codicil witnessed by two people when you sign and date it. If your change is complex, you may need to create a new will.