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15th February 2021

No excess baggage for people experiencing trauma

In a health emergency the last thing you think of is grabbing a suitcase full of things you may need.

This was the case for a child and mother from PNG who were transferred to the Townsville University Hospital for urgent medical treatment.

Social Worker, Jenny Harris approached Brighter Lives for a donation of a suitcase for the family so that they can return home with their new belongings.   

“We have patients that come to Townsville University Hospital for urgent medical treatment and arrive with nothing or minimal personal belongings.  Thanks to our community, we provided them with personal hygiene products and some new clothing, so they would have something to wear and use while at the hospital.

“This may seem like a small gesture, but it means the world to the patient and family member that they can go home with their things in a secure bag,” said Jenny.

It could be anyone at any time, can you help to provide a new or like-new used small suitcase?  Suitcases can be donated to the gift shop, the ground floor of the Townsville University Hospital.

The suitcase was donated by @BIG W, Townsville, thank you for your support.

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