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2nd October 2020

A few good men raise money for a milestone

A few good men raise money for a milestone

Celebrating their child’s 10th birthday is something Ron and Polly McDermott will never take for granted.  They can still remember how it felt spending 10 weeks at their daughter Kobi’s bedside in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, NICU, at the Townsville University Hospital, at times just hoping that she’d make it through the night. Born premature at 28 weeks, the McDermott’s, at times, thought their daughter Kobi would never make this milestone.

In celebration and recognition of the support their family received, Ron organised a golf day charity event to raise much-needed funds for other families enduring the same experience. The event was appropriately named “A few good men” and raised over $1,100.

With the frightening days behind them, the McDermott’s wanted to give back. Polly said at the time there was so much going on, there was no capacity to think about what tomorrow would bring.

“We had to take one day at a time, we’ve always wanted to give something back and this was the perfect opportunity.

“When Kobi was born at 28 weeks, there were moments we thought she might not make it. One day I walked in and she had stopped breathing, I will never forget that day. But she was such a little fighter and never gave up.” she said.  

Polly said there was nothing that could prepare them for what was happening to Kobi but the staff were always there.

“We felt helpless, but the staff were amazing, and we’ll be forever grateful! We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to take care of Kobi and our family. They were supportive, calming, and communicated everything so kindly, which really put us at ease.”

In addition to Kobi’s time in NICU, all four of the McDermott children spent extra time in the hospital.

“Kobi and her siblings, Sienna 8, and twins Jackson and Zara 5, wouldn’t be here without them so donating is just a small thank you and hopefully it helps other families and premature babies in the future,” she said.

Brighter Lives, CEO Tanya Busoli said without the support of the community and volunteers Brighter Lives couldn’t support lifesaving public health services in Townsville and across our region.

“We rely very heavily on community events and donations to ensure better health in our region.

“Whether it’s $1 or $1000, every donation helps make a real, positive impact. We are proud to support public health services by harnessing our local community. Plus, we’re a 100% local charity so any donation will stay here,” Tanya said.

Brighter Lives is the official charity partner of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service. We are passionate North Queenslanders who’ve been working to ensure better health in our region since 1989.  To donate head to

Brighter Lives. Here for you. Here for NQ.



Brighter Lives has recently rebranded from the Townsville Hospital Foundation.

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