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12th January 2021

Bronchovideoscopes Saves Lives

Two bronchovideoscopes purchased with help from the community have proven life-saving for children at Townsville University Hospital

Brighter Lives CEO Tanya Busoli said the two bronchovideoscopes for children under 18 years of age were funded thanks to a $54,000 grant from the Children’s Hospital Foundation. 

Dr Ramaa Puvvadi, Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep Physician, said they have completed more than 100 bronchoscopies and some have been lifesaving.   For children like Finn they are also used to identify persistent and reoccurring symptoms.

“One of our patients, Finn, had a persistent wet cough and we were able to identify why this symptom was reoccurring.

“Other children presented to us have been under 3 years of age and had a food substance lodged in their small airways.  With the new flexible bronchovideoscopes we were able to remove the foreign body and save their lives,” Ramaa said.

Brighter Lives is the official charity partner of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service. As a 100% local charity all donations stay in our local community.

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