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16th November 2021

Care packs a wonderful distraction for patients and families

Care Packs 4 Kids // A wonderful distraction for patients and families

Over the past 18 months, Townsville Family Life’s Amanda Bell has been organising and creating Care Packs 4 Kids as part of her local business to connect families with the local community.

“After seeing many parents find themselves inadvertently and unexpectedly at the emergency department. That experience can be awkward and sometimes disconcerting situation for children and parents alike, I thought, wouldn't it be fabulous if poor mum or dad had something to distract the little one, hence care packs 4 kids," said Amanda. 

Putting together these packs is a team effort and many hands make light work and being a volunteer member in the Rotary Club of Townsville Saints presented opportunities for supporting the initiative, and even making the packs.  

“We were able to take advantage of fabulous events such as the Rotary district 955 conference that happened in Townsville.  This event brought Rotarians from all across northern Australia to Townsville, and we asked each of them to choose an activity to take part in and packing Care packs 4 kids packs was one of them.

“It was amazing that members chose to help pack the care packs, it means that this project is worthwhile and seeing it blossom for all the right reasons.

“All the items for the packs are donated by the local community and local businesses throughout Townsville.  We are always asking for donations and the simplest and easiest, that can be used by a little one, so we aim for colouring books colouring pencils or crayons, reading books, small toys, and pretty much anything you think is going to entertain and easily fit inside one of these envelopes and help perhaps zero to 12 year old.

“So if anybody wants to keep track of the donation stations as they're added and all the items that are needed, then they just need to check out Townsville family,” Amanda said.

We are currently in desperate need of stock, if you'd like to contribute items for care packs, donations of NEW small toys that will fit inside a ziplock bag (think trolls or hot wheels size), pencils, crayons, colouring or reading books will be gratefully accepted at the following donation stations:

 Choosing Brighter Lives as the local charity was an easy decision for Amanda.

“Being a local mum with a local parent resource, it made perfect sense that if I was going to create or choose one charity to support.  The charity had to be a local, where every dollar that was raised and or every item that was dispersed was going to give back and be beneficial for locals,” said Amanda/. 

Brighter Lives is 100% local and is the official charity of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service. Here for you, Here for NQ.


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