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29th January 2024

Companion pups and cats for patients

Brighter Lives recently funded three companion dogs for the frailty team at Townsville University Hospital to help brighten patients’ time in hospital.

The companion dogs will help keep patients happy and calm, focussing on the dog that interacts with its environment. The dog will respond to being stroked and will request more attention just like a real-life animal. 

“We are glad to be able to help brighten patients’ time in hospital by providing the Frailty Intervention team with these companion dogs,” Tanya Busoli, CEO of Brighter Lives said.
The dogs are specially designed with a soft fur coat, sensors that respond to motion and speakers to softly bark and respond which recreate the moments of owning a dog.

 “The heartbeat and soft bark can really help calm people, and you can see how much joy people have when seeing the pup’s tail wag. We are so glad we can help provide equipment for our older patients that helps provide comfort while they spend time in hospital,” Tanya added.

Companion pets also available to buy from the Gift Shop

Brighter Lives has also made a small stock available in the gift shop for patients to buy directly. Patients will be able to take a pet home with them, with dogs costing $299 and cats costing $279. A more basic model of a purring cat is also available for $79.

Watch a video of the companion pup below:

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