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30th March 2021

Emergency Department gets the green light on Vesticam

The emergency department gets the green light on Vesticam

With the help of our wonderful community, the emergency department will be able to reduce the need for repeat movement tests with patients experiencing dizziness and or vertigo.

Jenni Meehan, Allied Health Team Leader was ecstatic to hear they are receiving funding for a Vesticam.

“When Brighter Lives told me, I was ecstatic they made my week, month, and year. We’ve never had access to this equipment, and it really is a one-of-a-kind specialist piece of medical equipment,” said Jenni.

Not only will the Vesticam reduce repeat movement tests for patients but it will allow clinicians to share information with other departments for a quicker diagnosis.

“The infrared goggles allow us to observe and record rapid eye movements and send the recording to our fellow clinicians and specialist inpatient teams.  We can also use the recordings to train staff without needing the patient to repeat the movement tests, which can be very uncomfortable for the patient,” said Jenni.

The Vesticam is a simple, portable infrared video goggle solution for observing and recording eye movement in people who present to the ED. Vestibular disorders include a wide range of specific diagnoses such as inflammation of the inner ear to symptoms of a stroke. 

Funds for this equipment were made possible thanks to donations from the community.

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