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17th May 2024

From holiday to hospital: Sally's story of gratitude and giving

Picture it – you’re on your dream tropical overseas holiday, enjoying the beach air and palm trees, only to suddenly, and without warning, end up in hospital in a critical condition. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Sally and her family while on holidays in North Queensland last month.

Accompanied by her husband and two teenage sons, Sally travelled from her home of Devon, England to Australia. The plan was to head north and spend a short amount of time in Townsville on the way. However, while out e-scooting, Sally felt a headache unlike anything she had ever felt before. The severe headache caused her to stop in her tracks and she started vomiting, with Justin immediately phoning for an ambulance.

Sally received medical assistance in minutes from the ambulance and was taken to Townsville University Hospital for treatment. Her family received the news that she had suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage and she immediately started treatment. Sally stayed in ICU for the next several weeks and despite having some complications, she is on the road to recovery.

The entire family was impressed with the care Sally received while being treated in Townsville. “The incredible team at Townsville Hospital and Health Service saved my life more than once over the 3 weeks, and they did so with such care and kindness that it makes me well up every time I think about it,” Sally said.

Sally and Justin decided to give back to the hospital to say thank you for the care they received by starting a fundraiser for Brighter Lives. Their friends and family jumped at the opportunity to help donate to help here in North Queensland, raising an incredible $7,866 for Brighter Lives.

“I was blown away by just how much my friends and family raised so quickly,” she said.

“9,000 miles from home, the staff at Townsville Hospital did everything they could to make me comfortable and distract me from the distance separating me from all friends and family back home. Thank you for everything you do.”

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