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6th December 2021

Monster Smiles

Random acts of kindness leads to Monster Smiles
When 13-year-old Joe was in and out of hospital for ongoing treatment for Crohn’s Disease, he was always thinking about how he can help others and make other people smile. That’s when he came up with Monster Smiles pillowcases for people going through a tough time in hospital.
Sometimes hospitals are not fun and not a nice place to be, but Joe wanted to brighten it up and to make people smile.
“I wanted to start something meaningful, long-lasting, positive, fun and colourful, and something that everyone could have, not just children. But most importantly it had to be something that brought a smile to someone's face.
“For weeks I was stuck on this idea. Towards the second half of my hospital stay my pillow began to get more and more uncomfortable. I had been lying in the hospital bed for way too long. I moved positions and fluffed my pillow many times. Then I stopped and had a long, hard look at the pillow.
Aa pillowcase! a soft, colourful, and fun pillowcase! That's what I am going to do!" said Joe.
With the help of his parents, Joe started to develop the idea, design and look at how it would all work.
“I told my parents about my idea, and that I wanted to make pillowcases with big monstrous smiles on them to inspire smiles and positivity to people who would receive them. It’s so nice seeing my pillowcases making patients smile,” said Joe.
Pillowcases are available online at the Monster Smiles website and when you purchase a Monster Smiles pillowcase, a second pillowcase is sent to a hospital of your choice and donated to someone that needs a smile.
Erin, who is a patient in the children’s ward, received the very first Townsville University Hospital pillowcase donated by Pagen and this has put a huge smile on her face.
“I have been in and out of the hospital a lot, and although this may seem like such a small thing, to me it's huge and makes my bed a little more homely when I’m in here and I get to take it home,” said Erin.
Brighter Lives Townsville Hospital Foundation is 100% local and all funds raised support local hospitals and health services.
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