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17th March 2022

Super Tees in the children's ward

Caped Crusaders // Super tees in the children's ward

Townsville's smallest superheroes will be transferred into caped crusaders with the help of a groundbreaking medical garment.

For the very first time, 36 supertees have been delivered to the Townsville University Hospital thanks to the Rotary Club of Thuringowa Central.

The Supertee is a new and improved hospital gown designed for kids and provides parents and hospital staff with an easier way to change garments while accessing and bypassing medical lines.

Thuringowa Rotarian Steve Greenwell says they raised money for 36 garments and the club will now make supertrees an ongoing fundraising goal.

"The kids are going through a rough time, the idea of the superhero outfit has a lot of benefits for the kids and allows staff to still complete vital checks while they wear them.

"This will be an ongoing fundraising goal for us and we think it will really help put a smile on the faces of sick kids," said Steve.

Supertee founder, Jason Sotiris, is a tradie who created the supertee when his daughter was in hospital battling cancer.

Brighter Lives supported the Rotary Club with the purchase and delivery to the hospital.

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