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24th June 2022

Caring for our littlest patients

With big thanks to our community of supporters the littlest patients at Townsville University Hospital will benefit from a new piece of equipment.

The Giraffe Infant Resuscitation System – or “Giraffe Warmer” – has arrived at the recently developed emergency department children’s area at Townsville University Hospital.

Emergency department staff specialist, Michael Durkin, said the Giraffe Warmer will be used to treat the smallest patients – up to around two months of age.

“With the Giraffe Warmer we are much better equipped to care for newborn babies, this includes those that are delivered in the emergency department or in the community and arrive in hospital needing resuscitation.

“It combines several different devices into one easy to use, convenient platform that is purpose built for the care of very small children.

“Additionally, very young babies that are brought to the emergency department unwell can be assessed and treated on the Giraffe Warmer. With its in-built heating and easier access, it will be a more comfortable experience for babies and staff.”

Brighter Lives CEO, Tanya Busoli said the Giraffe Warmer was a significant piece of equipment that was only made possible thanks to our community of supporters.

“This piece of equipment was more than $32,000 – that’s made up of many donations from many supporters.

“It’s wonderful to see the generosity of our community displayed in such a tangible way.”

Brighter Lives is the official charity of the Townsville Hospital and Health Service and fund equipment and services needed to make patients, staff and visitors visit to hospital a little brighter.

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